Fully Managed
Marketing Services

Whether you’re looking to outsource your Strategy, Technology Support or Demand Centre Operations – we have you covered.

Outsourced Marketing Automation & Managed Demand Centres

Our highly experienced team of Consultants, Analysts and Engineers can take on critical B2B marketing functions saving you time, money, hassle and head count. The modern demand centre requires a range of specialised disciplines which can be hard to hire, train and resource internally – sometimes it makes sense for a trusted partner to do the heavy lifting enabling you to focus on the big picture.


Marketing Automation Managed Services

We’ve been using marketing automation since it’s infancy, well over 12 years and with out Analysts helping to deploy, manage and optimise literally hundreds of campaigns for over 40 clients worldwide. We are specialists in optimising platforms such as Oracle Eloqua and Marketo and know how to manage programmes and rollouts quickly, efficiently with the right checks and balances at each step.

Choose from our :

Quarterly Premium Plan
Marketo and Eloqua Managed Service Plans with access to Analysts ad-hoc and on-demand support

Annual Professional Plan
Dedicated Eloqua or Marketo Analyst Resource and ‘Virtual Team Member’ 3-5 days per week

MA Client Examples


Outsourced Demand Centre Operations

The modern B2B regional Demand Centre is a critical component of the Demand Generation stack with ever-increasing demands on its resource, skill-sets and time. Protocol Analysts have helped over 20 global B2B brands over the years and the same trusted team can help your organisation if you need a short, medium or long term solution for a fully outsourced and managed Demand Centre service.

Services include:

Project and Resource Planning

Briefs and Checklists/QA

Stakeholder Management

Timeline  & Expectation Management

Internal Governance & Process

Demand Centre Client Examples

It was a pleasure to work with Protocol, a company that likes to become your business partner rather than just a vendor providing a service. The team at Protocol are open, honest and transparent, always working hard to ensure the successful execution of the project, even if that means starting over. I would recommend Protocol as a company that offers a wide range of marketing services.

– Evanna Kearins Taheny, Senior Director Marketing, EMEA

Protocol is trusted by great B2B brands including: