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Our advisory services have over 400 years of combined analyst experience into trusted advice and support providing you with wider perspective, best practice, useful hands on tools and templates that empower individuals and teams to grow and improve on the job.


Collaborative Workshops

We run a schedule of monthly workshops designed to give teams the time and focus to explore and participate in over 34 different topics from ABM to Marketing Automation, and Data Sciences – honing their skills and developing best practice knowledge.


Briefings, Benchmarks & Reports

Protocol seeks to uncover and share the Truth of Modern B2B Marketing by undertaking ground breaking studies and analysis to help inform our thinking and make better, evidence based decisions. We run regular Briefings and maintain the Protocol Index of B2B Benchmarks.


Mentoring, Guidance & Advice

Sometimes it can be helpful to get some added perspective, feedback or opinion from  a trusted advisor. Our 1-2-1 Mentoring and Advisory Services provide critical and confidential feedback to senior marketers on a range of topics from Career Development, to Demand Centre Ops.

Advisory Expertise & Workshop Topics

Our Analyst Briefings and Research Studies show the latest trends for B2B CMO’s and Senior Marketers. Our sessions include key insights from spending trends, key initiatives, common challenges, and success stories for inspiration.
Best practice insights into how successful demand centres are structured to managed shared services and functions, teams, processes and key technologies.
We look at best practice tools, templates, methodologies and frameworks to build, design and document marketing engagement plans for demand generation and nurture.
This in-depth session looks at the research and findings from a Protocol study that led to the development of Protocol’s Purchase Decision Model – using campaign data from MAP and SFA systems. A must for any campaign strategist.
This back to basics course reviews the fundamentals of modern marketing goal setting from funnel stages, lead taxonomy and KPQ frameworks.
We look at the role of content and how it’s evolved through the years with channels, trends and tactics – and the modern role of Influencer Style marketing.
We explore the role of Key Account Marketing – or ABM in B2B, look at the history, application and some useful tools and frameworks to help your company leverage this crucial initiative.
This workshop examines the expanding world of marketing technologies and looks at the use, adoption and feature sets, of some of the biggest growing MarTech sectors.
We examine how LinkedIn as a platform can help B2B marketers in 2017 – from advertising platforms, and options to Sales Navigator and leveraging Professional Groups.
This best practice workshop looks at the operational process of developing content strategy through a series of structured tools, methodologies and templates.
Blogs can be one of the most powerful and cost effective tools in the B2B armoury – if done right. This workshop looks at some examples of great (and not so great blogs) and introduces an authoring framework.
This workshop looks at some of the more day to day operational best practice for running a demand centre or marketing ops team – from briefing forms (for campaigns, data and advertising) to MA checklists.
This session looks at leveraging data and marketing automation to build out a series of high impact/low cost customer marketing plays, showcasing some great examples.
Content is becoming an increasingly abstract concept with the evolution of modern channels and mediums. We look at the best practices of developing content for multi-purpose use from social to print.
Industry narrative suggests the role of telemarketing may be diminishing replaced by self-education and other online tactics. We look at the true role of telephone based marketing and the value it plays.
Analyst Briefing with stats, industry knowledge, and examples of content strategy in 2017
Analyst Briefing with Protocol’s perspective on upcoming changes to privacy and data law (including GDPR) what it may mean to B2B marketers.
This first part of a two part workshop explores the history and role of Marketing Automation and gives you an overview of how and where it fits into the modern marketing stack.
This second part of a two part workshop explores the specific feature sets and usage in tools such as Eloqua and Marketo including programme design, data, form governance and lead scoring.
An Analyst walks you through Oracle Eloqua to give you a feel and flavour of how the system looks, acts and operates.
An Analyst walks you through Marketo to give you a feel and flavour of how the system looks, acts and operates.
Our Analysts use their experience and A.I. tools such as Soto Curator to help you audit, evaluate, curate and manage your existing content to get most bang for your buck and help you identify critical gaps in the process. Do more with less, invest your content budget wisely.
This analyst briefing compiles data from multiple sources to understand where organisations are spending revenue on various acquisition strategies, from Events to Digital and Association advertising.
This deep dive session explores the different types of lead taxonomies, why they’re important and how they’re used by teams, processes and technologies.
We look at the best practice examples of great persona mapping, how to develop actionable personas that help develop improved programmes.
A workshop that takes us back to basics and offers a refreshers update on the importance and fundamentals of search engine optimisation – from content and copy to checklists and agile SEO.
This workshop explores Protocol research and survey data into the state of modern marketing databases, and presents a framework to effectively analyse and audit the dataset for optimisation.
This research-led piece looks at the state of the state of B2B paid digital advertising in 2017 and looks to unpick the fact from the fiction – giving you the data to make informed, evidence based decisions.
We look at the principles of data capture and form gating, we examine the role of different techniques and best practices including progressive profiling, preference centres, and explore what, when and how you should gate content.
We look at what constitutes ‘inbound’ in 2017/18 – how it can be defined and how to best integrate it into your programme strategy.
Agency partners continue to undergo radical change to keep up with ever increasingly sophisticated customer demands. We explore the roles and types of agency partners in 2017.
Has the voice, feedback and opinion of our customers been forgotten? We look at how to best capture and develop customer perceptions to better shape thinking and strategy.
My relationship with Protocol started just over a year ago when they gave me some excellent advice on B2B practices and marketing automation solutions. Since then they have provided 121/Mentoring training which has given me the confidence to implement new B2B and B2C marketing strategies. They have gone above and beyond in helping me achieve my career goals.Westminster Kingsway University

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