MA Data sciences & analytics

Reporting, Dashboards, Benchmarking & Research.


Evaluation > Implementation > Adoption > Integration > Optimisation.

Protocol Analysts, Consultants and Engineers have helped over 30 B2B companies develop their Marketing Technology stack. We have solid reputation in being independent industry leaders for Marketing Automation platforms including Eloqua and Marketo, covering all aspects from technical integration to campaign design, and integration into other key systems such as


Marketing Automation Experts

Whether you’re new to Marketing Automation or looking to optimise your Eloqua or Marketo instance – we’re here to help. Our Analysts, Consultants and Engineers have years of experience helping organisations at all levels of maturity evaluate, implement and get the most out of their investment.


Data Sciences & Analytics

Protocol has a long track record in helping B2B companies manage complex data initiatives from Benchmarking (using Protocol Index), developing Analytics Plans and Visual Dashboards (working with multiple data sources), and developing Strategic Data Integration and Optimisation Strategies across your Marketing Technology Stack – including Data Health Checks.


A.I. & Machine Learning

B2B Marketing is finally seeing tangible steps forward in adopting and leveraging Big Data Predictive Analytics platforms including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Protocol has pioneered software solutions and applications that empower B2B marketers to do their job quicker, more accurately and at less cost using tools such as Soto Curator.

My relationship with Protocol started just over a year ago when they gave me some excellent advice on B2B practices and marketing automation solutions. Since then they have provided 121/Mentoring training which has given me the confidence to implement new B2B and B2C marketing strategies. They have gone above and beyond in helping me achieve my career goals.Westminster Kingsway University

Protocol is trusted by great B2B brands including: